Guarantees / Aftercare Advice

Through our experience of delivering energy efficiency schemes on occupied properties it is important to start an effective behaviour change programme for tenants and residents as early as possible. We would look to start the communication and educational process prior to works commencing following this through the delivery programme and finally upon completion of the works to ensure the residents and tenants maximise the benefits of the energy efficiency measures installed.

PermaRock systems are expected to perform for the lifetime of the building to which they are applied when routine maintenance of the system is undertaken in line with our Aftercare (Maintenance) Booklet.

This is a tailored document that is issued to the property owner / occupier on completion of the project to ensure optimum performance is achieved. The booklet incorporates the following information in order for the guarantee to be maintained over the system life:

  • How to make the most of the newly insulated home – inc. benefits / best practice explained (Thermostat / Radiator TRVs settings, etc), Ventilation, Further energy savings tips / advice, etc.
  • Periodic checking of the system / What to look out for
  • How to take care of the system
  • How to clean the surface of the system
  • How to attach fixtures / fittings
  • Redecoration of EWI system (where applicable)
  • What to do if there is damage to the system without detrimentally affecting the integrity of the system / invalidating guarantee(s)
  • Guarantee information

In the unlikely event of a performance issue arising post installation, PermaRock would arrange to inspect the installation and provide a report on any findings or recommendations for repair. 

The PermaRock Technical Services Department is always available to discuss completed projects with you and to provide you with any necessary support or assistance when you wish to move on to your next PermaRock project.

Energy Savings Advice

PermaRock also provide an Energy Savings Advice Booklet to residents to ensure they get the best out of the newly installed external wall insulation system. Information in this booklet includes, how to make the most of your newly insulated home (lower thermostat, radiator controls, etc), ventilation advice, general energy saving tips, cold weather / winter tips, understanding EPCs and how to obtain further energy advice.



All components supplied by PermaRock are covered by our materials guarantee. In addition to this Guarantee, options are available for the 25 Year Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency (SWIGA) Guarantee and the 25 Year Kinnell ECO Guarantee Scheme for domestic installations undertaken through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

For commercial projects additional assurance can be provided through the PermaGuard Insurance-Backed Guarantee or Latent Defects Insurances for terms up to 10 years.

These guarantees can be invoked should either the system supplier and/or installer have ceased trading.

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