Latest Revision - PermaRock BRE Certificate 158/12

PermaRock’s commitment to delivering the highest quality systems with the very best in terms of technical performance is reflected in the Company's investment in certification of its key external wall insulation systems.

PermaRock’s latest BRE-Certification Certificate (Certificate No. 158/12) expands on our existing scope of external wall insulation and render systems accredited.

PermaRock BRE-Certification Certificate 158-12

PermaRock External Wall Insulation and Render Systems (PEWIRS) consist of (mono- or dual-density) mineral fibre, phenolic foam, expanded polystyrene (EPS), or polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam insulation finished externally with polymer modified renders, polymeric coatings with aggregate finishes, brick slips or polymer bound brick effect slips to simulate brickwork.

The PermaRock Systems are for application to external vertical walls of new or existing buildings of masonry, dense and no-fines concrete, timber or light gauge steel frame construction.

Carrier rails can be used in conjunction with EPS to provide a 20mm drained cavity where required.

The components of the external wall insulation and renders systems are as follows:

  • Carrier rails
  • Adhesive
  • Fixings for insulation
  • Insulation (mineral fibre, EPS, PIR and phenolic foam)
  • Base coat materials
  • Reinforcing mesh
  • Primers
  • External finishes

The systems have been assessed to confirm their suitability, within limitations, as weather-resistant external decorative finishes on new or existing walls of brick and block masonry, dense and no fines concrete and sheathed light gauge steel or timber frame construction above DPC level, in the United Kingdom.

Characteristics of the products and their methods of application have been reviewed with respect to current Building Regulations, British and European Standards and other publications in the United Kingdom current at the date of certificate issue. 

You can view our latest certificate in our downloads section.