Local foodbank donation - PACE Charnwood

A big thank you to our staff who have helped raise over £375 during 2019, and generously donated items, for our local foodbank PACE Charnwood.

We hope this brings some smiles over the festive period for those most in need.  

If you would like to find out more or support their campaign further then information can be found below.

PACE Food Bank - Operation Agape

Under the banner of PACE Food Bank, Operation Agape is an emergency food bank service for those who find themselves in temporary need. This service links closely with PACE Advice - Enquire as clients with money issues often have additional practical needs. Food parcels are given out on a referral basis, a significant number of other charities, agencies and organisations within the area refer vulnerable families who are in need of this vital service. PACE do not respond to self-referral, unless through PACE Advice - Enquire.

The content of each parcel has been specifically compiled by a professional nutritionist and is devised to encourage a healthy diet. The value of each parcel is approximately £25 and its contents will feed a family of four for several days, helping to bridge the gap until they receive their next personal payment.

To find out more about this service please visit the PACE website or call them for more details.